Applying to School

This is for those who are applying to college or a private high school.  It’s hard, but not impossible.  I have been chewed up and spit out by many private high schools.  I am an average student and my parents don’t make half of a million dollars a year.  The waiting list is apparently where I belong.  But I have picked up on some things:

First, all the admission officers always says “be yourself” and “if this is the right high school you will be accepted”.  Under those terms, if you are some unique, rich, genius, good-doer, with parents who are lawyers, you are basically accepted.  That’s what almost all top schools are looking for in their students. 


Being unique.  This is very important.  Try an unusual sport like polo instead of soccer.  Unless you are a soccer prodigy, a sport that most people do not do will get you further.  It would be best if you did a sport the school provides and an unusual one.  Then, they would want to put you on their school’s team and want diversity within people’s sport skills.  Private school’s care a lot about diversity.  That is why if you are a multiracial person, you have a much better chance of getting in than someone who is just as incredible as you, but white.  I’m sorry to all you Caucasians but this is true. Also, try to find an internship or an externship.  That will help you get in.  If you do that, the school you apply to will think you have your life together.  Make sure it’s something you’re interested in though, or else there would be no point.


Most people can not help having an average-income family; just remember you will have less of a chance of getting in with financial aid, especially if you live in a wealthy area.  Someone who lives in a bad neighborhood in the city with handicapped parents will have a better chance of getting financial aid then someone who lives in a nice suburb with an average family.  


My suggestion to you on tests is to study for about a year for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, or whatever test you need to take; but don’t get a tutor unless you really need it.  A tutor will most likely go on your application, telling the schools that you are not usually this smart.  Also, do well in school; they will all be paying great attention to your transcripts.


Start volunteering asap!  Do something drastic like going to Hatti to help rebuild houses after the earthquake.  If you volunteer locally, even if it’s for a longer period of time, it will not be looked at as highly as going somewhere international.  The best combination is volunteering at a couple places for a year or two nearby then going somewhere outside of your country, to make a statement.  Then include this in your essay or interview (both would be the best) so they won’t forget about it.


Your parent’s jobs are not your problem.  But successful lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and famous people’s children have an acceptance letter up their sleeve.  Getting in is all about connections.  Therefore, you will have a better chance with your parents (or sometimes just anyone in your family) being anything on the list above; especially if they’re a successful businessmen or celebrity. 

To some it up, you have two options.  Be poor, African American, have a single parent, have a sibling with extreme mental or physical issues, live in a bad neighborhood, study extremely hard, and give back to your community often.  Or be white, rich, have parents who are lawyers/well-known business people, live in a seven million dollar house, give a lot of money to the school, go on one two week summer vacation in Africa to build houses for people, have a sibling who went to that school, and get a tutor.


Drama.  If you do not have this in your life, you are not the average teenager.  Maybe you’re living in a remote area with no civilization and you don’t go to school.  However, that is a very rare occasion.  Drama makes those who are involved either weaker or stronger individuals. That is defined by my three types of drama:

1.  Jealous Drama

This is were someone (usually a girl) gets jealous of someone (also usually another girl) and bullies her.  This stinks.  The one who bullies is jealous over something.  Sometimes it is that the other girl’s pretty, or smart, or is dating the guy she likes.  Whatever the case, it is no reason to be mad.  If you are jealous of a girl, not matter what she does, do not show it.  If you need to talk to her about it, do it civilly.  Be nice.  Bullying is the cause of a lot of suicide.

2.  Group Drama

Here, there tend to be two sides, sometimes more.  The different groups disagree on almost everything, and like to leave the people in the other group out (just because they feel like it).  Group drama is, like most drama, almost always over something pointless.  There will be bystanders, too, who the groups try to get to choose a side.  To all of those bystanders out there: Do not listen to them! And make sure you hear both sides of the story before you ever judge anyone.

3. Mistake Drama

I find this kind the worst to be a part of.  Everyone makes mistakes, whether it’s dating your friend’s crush behind his/her back, getting blamed for something that wasn’t your fault, or being “exclusive”.  Whatever it is, it’s most likely at least 50% your fault.  It doesn’t matter if you think what you did was right or wrong, you need to apologize.  If the person does not accept your apology, let time take its tool; it will wear off eventually.  But if you are the stubborn one, remember this quote: “Forgive but don’t forget”.  Don’t hold a grudge or be mean, but make sure to be cautious around the person. 

All Teenagers are…

Here is a list of commonly thought stereotypes of teenagers:

1.  That they party and hang out with friends all the time.  This is false.  The average teenager probably goes to a party about once every month.  Also, friends are good at school but a huge chunk of free time is spent with homework.  Yes, homework.  Don’t get me wrong, homework is a good opportunity to prepare for adult life; although, it does not give teenagers many social opportunities due to their being way too much of it.  To get back to the point: the fact that people thought their homework magically appeared at school while they were out partying all day, are not correct.

3.  Teens are all constantly breaking rules.  Not all teenagers are rebels.  Probably one in ten teens would actually go do something that a person would need to have a talk with them about.  There are some rules like no cell phones in school that at least half the class breaks, but things such as vandalism is not done by as many teenagers as one might think.

4.  That teenagers are irresponsible.  Half of teens are as responsible as the average adult.  Yes, there are some teenagers who aren’t very responsible, never get their homework done, and just goof off all day; but a lot of teens are responsible and ready to take on more responsibilities.  The only ones who will know if they’re ready are themselves.

5. They couldn’t care less about school.  Very few teens only care about fashion or having friends, like some people think.  Many of them are already planning our future by looking at colleges, careers, part-time jobs, etc.

6.  There are rude, popular, groups at school.  The what would be considered as “popular” people at school are rarely mean.  Sure, some of them fit they typical popular person stereotype very well, but others are very kind.  Not only that, but in high school everyone has their own group of friends; they don’t tend to kiss up to the “popular” group all the time.

7. They can’t spell.  When texting, some people will shorten words (like I don’t know to idk) but teenagers are still perfectly capable of spelling out the words. 

8. Teens disrespect their parents.  This really depends on a person’s point of view.  Some people have the attitude of “If you treat me with respect, I will treat you with respect.”  And others think that they should listen to what their parents say without questioning it.   Questioning is usually good, then everyone will not blindly follow in others’ footsteps.

9.  Teenagers won’t be friends with people who are gay or of a different race.  Almost every teenager has at least one gay or bisexual friend, and people from many different racial backgrounds. 

10. Teenagers don’t know what’s best and can’t make their own decisions. People continue to treat them like kids without welcoming them into the adult world.  Welcome the teens and treat them with respect.  Then they will do the same. 

Dealing with Life

Here’s 25 ways to enjoy this mess we call life:

  1. Write a story.
  2. Listen to music.
  3. Spend time with your best friend, who has never failed at keeping a smile on your face.
  4. If it’s your thing, write some poetry.
  5. Quotes or words of wisdom are always good, by making them up or find them on the internet.
  6. Be by yourself, with no distractions, and just think.
  7. Find something that makes you laugh.
  8. Start a blog (I would suggest WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr.)
  9. Find someone you can relate with, whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence or your neighbor from across the street.
  10. Face your fears.  It really does help!
  11. Try a sport or some extracurricular activity. 
  12. Study.  Yes, you heard me, study.
  13. Take pictures of things that you think are beautiful.
  14. Draw or paint.
  15. Do a big project like painting your room.  It will feel really good once you finish.
  16. If you have a pet, spend some time with it.  
  17. Go out in nature and be by yourself.
  18. Get a new hobby.
  19. Learn how to play an instrument or sing.
  20. Cook/bake new things.
  21. Find what’s making you sad and fix it.  I know, that one’s pretty obvious.
  22. Volunteer.  Making other people feel good will make you feel good.
  23. Travel.  It doesn’t need to be far, maybe just to that park a few minutes away that you’ve never been to.
  24. Read about other, less fortunate, peoples’ lives.  It will really make you appreciate what you have.
  25. Write music or a song.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, I found this video on reasons why to not commit suicide.

Liking Someone

For girls

1.  Even though it’s extremely difficult, you can’t be different around the guy you like.  Let’s say he likes you back, then he’s not actually going to like the real you.  He will just like who you’re pretending to be.  Don’t change who you are for him.

2.  Always dress nice.  However, you can not start to dress better once you meet him, that will start a lot of gossip.  Although it’s a lot of work, wearing good clothes all the time is the only way to get around that.

3.  Don’t be self conscious around him.   Guys like confident women.  If you’re complaining about how you think you’re fat and ugly all the time, that’s going to push him away.

4.  Ask him how he’s doing.  A big stereotype about women is that they talk about themselves too much.  Prove everyone wrong and let there be a balance between your life and his.

5.  Let him be with his friends.  All because he doesn’t want to spend time with you every second of every day, doesn’t mean he isn’t into you.  Give him some space.

6. Make a romantic gesture.  Do something nice for him like surprising him for his big football game when he thought you couldn’t make it, put nice notes about how much you like him in his locker, make him cute homemade items about an inside joke.

7.  Let him know you’re there.  A guy is never going to ask you out if he never notices you.  Say hi to him on the first day of school; get to know him.

8.  Makeup is pretty, just don’t look like a clown.  Even if you’re not the biggest fan of makeup, it will help you with dating and just in general socially.  However, if you have the slightest doubt about the amount of makeup you are wearing, take some off.

9.  If you don’t like a guy back after he asks you out, don’t tell everyone about how much of a creep he is.  It’s not his fault that you didn’t have the same feelings for him!

10.  Don’t be overemotional.  You will be made fun of for this.  Even if a guy did like you, he’s not going to want to ask you out because his friends now don’t like you.  If you’re crying every week, you need to calm down.  The most you can cry that is socially acceptable is around once every month or two.

For guys

1. Never ask a girl out (or break up with her) over text.  I know it’s scary but it’s much better to do it in person or in some romantic way like by writing it on the walkway in front of her house.  No matter what you do, make sure she can see you.

2.  Ask a girl out for her personality, not her looks.

3.  Joking around with her is fine, just don’t be a jerk.  If she has a sense of humor, that’s great.  All girls like a funny guy, just do not be the one who takes it too far.

4.  Don’t be sexual.  I am not saying to never have some fun, just not right away.  If you’re old enough, wait until the third date at least.  If you are under eighteen, even slapping her butt can (and will) be taken the wrong way.

5.  Give her compliments.  Many women are self conscious and could use some cheering up.

6.  The best way to shut her up is to kiss her.  If you’re arguing about something stupid, just grab her and kiss her.

7.  Pay the bill.  Unless she is an extreme feminist, you need to pay the bill, slide in the car first so she doesn’t have to, open doors for her.  Many women like a gentlemen.  However, if you forget your wallet, for example, you don’t need to call your mom to get you money from the house, you can just explain what happened.  She’ll understand.

8.  Practice good hygiene but not the cologne.  A little bit of cologne is great, you just can not overdue it.  It is not at all attractive when a women thinks she’s going to throw up her lunch every time she walks past you.

9.  Give her the look.  Many girls like it when you look at them up and down, as if you are admiring them (it’s basically like whistling at them with your eyes); others think that is just saying “all I want to do is go in your bedroom and then leave you.”  What tends to work better is to give them the look.  There is no way to describe what “the look is”.  Just look into her eyes with confidence for a few seconds.  If she sees you and meets your eyes, it’s a good sign.

10.  You can disagree with them as long as you don’t remind them all the time.  As hard as it is to believe, sometimes women are right.  It annoys them when you don’t ask for directions, try fixing your phone the way they suggest, make fun of them when you think they’re wrong (or even if they are), or when you don’t let them help you with something.

Habits to Overcome

1. Don’t make people feel bad if they like different music then you.  It doesn’t matter how much you like it.  Just calm down.

2. Do what you want to do, unless it will hurt others.

3. Get out and be social!

4. Be yourself.  If someone wants to judge you for being different, screw them.  Their opinion doesn’t matter.  Only yours does.

5. Go to bed earlier.

6. Clean your room.  It’s not worth it to leave your junk sitting there for months.

7. The word “like” should be used when saying “such as” or that you’re fond of something, not in between every single word you say.

8. Stop with the gossip.  If you need to confront someone, do that. Don’t just spread meaningless things about people around because you can.

9.  If someone doesn’t want to do something, don’t make them.  They will do it when the time is right.

10. Don’t be negative.  The people with the most problems in their lives are the ones who stay quiet about it.  They’re going to think you complain 24/7.